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September 2019

Origin of Aviation Leather


The last two Insights focused on Leather Types & Quality and Flame Retardents & Certification. We hope it was some new and important information to better understand the world of aviation leather.

Today it is generally about the origin of leather. A topic that touches all of us and that we constantly face in times of discussions about animal care, meat consumption and durability of materials.

The leather industry is a globally networked industry. The origin of leather is the consumption of meat. If the world were vegan, there would probably be no leather either. Leather is a waste product of an animal. A skin from a creature that should be valued. A waste product, which is further processed by processing to an extremely popular surface material. A material that we find everywhere and always.

As a rule, however, we do not feel and smell real natural leather anymore. Almost every leather is chemically processed in tanneries to improve its durability, cleanability and appearance, sometimes more and sometimes less.

In the search for the perfect leather it should be considered that a slightly treated leather, as an Analin- or Seminanalin leather, virtually no damages should visible. So please assume that these animals have not seen any grassland.

Quite in contrast to leather, which has to be reworked due to damages caused by pasture fences, etc., i.e. it has to be spatulated and treated. These animals have spent their lives in a species-appropriate way on the fields.

Now it could be assumed that the leathers with damages, which are costly to process, are the more expensive types of leather.

No, the leathers that are liked in the premium segment are the popular and expensive Analin- or Seminanalin leather. Analin leather with visible damage almost nobody wants.

Summarized speaking:

  • Meadow animals- extensively processing effort- cheaper leather.
  • Stall-holding animals - less processing effort - more expensive leather.
  • You decide for yourself what is important to you.
  • In aviation it is essential to track traceability. With AeroVisto Leather we can provide traceability from the finished business seat back to the animal.

The next AeroVisto Insight is about sustainability and lifetime of leather.

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  • Technology Solutions
  • Innovated by Stahl

September 2019

Senior Client Advisor received upskilling at Stahl Campus


Florian Krauthoff recently received an upskilling at Stahl Campus with insight into fine leather production and coating.

The advanced training focused on leather qualities, evaluation criteria, different tanning methods and particular performance indicators for aviation industry. Florian learned about protective coatings and performance upgrade possibilities for leather offered by Stahl. He had the chance to meet with Stahl experts and engineers for business development, leather production and StayClean technology. Stefan Buri, Annelies Janssen van Drunen and Chandan Singh gave an insight into future developments and trends of fine leather production.

The facility and production line visit made the Stahl’s experience and recognition as a ‘green’ supply chain partner tangible. Stahl is ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) labeled for sustainable production methods and proved again to be the first choice for AeroVisto to meet state of the art demands of the aviation industry.

AeroVisto – always one step ahead.

September 2019

Leather flame retardancy and certification in aviation


The last time we talked about the different types of leather in our Insights. We learned, that when choosing the right material for your aviation projects, leather quality plays an important role. However, leather must not only be of high optical quality, it must also be allowed to fly. And that depends a mainly on the certified fire resistance.

Today you will get an insight into the topic flame retardants and certification – the main topic to get material approved for an aircraft.

Who is interested in knowing exactly what the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) demands in this regard finds the official information in this PDF-document:


In CS25, go to Subpart D, 25,853. (c) is interesting. Then go to Part II of Appendix F.

But for those of you who want to know in a nutshell: basically, leather used in aviation must be manufactured in order to pass the oilburner test successfully – a test as shown in this short clip:


This is a real hardness test which demands a great effort from the properties of the leather.

There are different ways to achieve the flame retardancy of the leather, but not everyone guarantees a successful oil burner test. Some suppliers in the market spray the flame-retardant treatment on the back of the hide - this is possible, but is risky, because with this method you will maybe not pass an oil burner test, only the 60 second vertical testing, which is nowhere near as demanding as the oil burner test - as can be seen in this clip:


Correct flame-retardant treatments will be performed in the drum in the form of the addition of flame-retardant salts. This ensures that the leather is thoroughly treated with flame retardants.

But: this high quality flame retardant also has its price. After drying, salt sediments are visible on the surface of each treated leather hide, which have to be removed, this happens abrasively.

And this, in turn, completes the circle to the leather qualities. Why? Because strictly speaking, this means that the leather has been sanded and a corrected grain is produced according to DIN/ISO, regardless of whether it is Semianalin or Pigmented leather.

In order not to abrade the surface on the one hand and still achieve flame protection, there will be only one solution in the future, the so-called Easy White technology from Stahl. With this technology no additive flame-retardant salts are necessary.

August 2019

StayClean™Leather – compatibility of design and practicality

aerovisto-insights STAHL Innovation makes it possible

Designers and end customers love to apply pale colored materials to create a lush atmosphere. Seats, panels, side ledges, parts of monuments - there are many applications. At the same time, clients want their products to maintain their luxurious appearance for a significant period of time.

Up to now the material decision ended always in choosing mid-grey, mid-beige, brown and blue colours. It must be practicable and maintenance-friendly. No matter if an airplane is only used by the owner or in charter operation, they are still the same issues. So far there were no solutions in the leather market available.

That is the end of it. AeroVisto, together with it's partner Stahl, Best in Class Technology, finally offers an innovative product for aviation- StayClean™ Leather- one step ahead.


Stahl Stay Clean™ protects the surface of car and aviation seats by hindering the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the substrate. If the surface gets a bit dirty, Stahl Stay Clean™ enables easy cleaning as well. The Stahl Stay Clean™ product range consists of both matt and gloss finishes. Finally, the designer/ clients wishes can be combined aesthetically and technically. Design and practicability become one. Jeans discolorations on the leather are a matter of the past.

Specific crosslinkers and surface modifiers enhancing the abrasion resistance and touch. Long-term tests have proven this impressively.

Examples Test results

  • Excellent resistance to dye ingress, stain and soil
  • Pass 150,000 Bally flexes
  • Pass accelerated weathering tests (ISO 105 B06 / SAEJ2412)
  • Pass abrasion tests
  • Low squeaking in stick-slip test (VDA 230-206)

Diverse Maintenance and Completion Centres have identified a product that offers our customers a state-of-the-art leather. Top quality, different grains, unlimited color variety due to Stahl Stay Clean™ technology, excellent flame retardant properties, durability and sustainability. In addition, special cleaning products and a lifetimeplus program can be recommended as an all in one package solution.

Our mission is to provide our customers with solutions, answers to their questions and problems. Stahl Stay Clean™ is the answer - VistaJet has already chosen it for the entire fleet.

August 2019

Leather plays a significant role in aviation

aerovisto-insights Many clients cannot always correctly classify the information they receive from leather manufacturers and sometimes the statements are even not completely consistent. What we mean by that and why this is important for you as a customer, we show you in this “Insights AeroVisto” series – based on 3 example topics:

  • Leather types & quality
  • Flame retardants and Certification
  • Origin and sustainability

In today's Insights we take a look at the leather types

In connection with the quality of leather, authenticity is often spoken of. The higher the "authenticity" of a leather, the better the leather. This means that the longer a leather remains unchanged from its original condition, the better it is.

It is usually assumed that the best leather quality should also be the least sensitive and easiest to clean, but more valuable types of leather often have to be cared for more carefully and better than cheaper ones.

Aniline leathers are undyed leathers or leathers dyed with aniline dyes in the bath. They are open-pored smooth leathers without a pigment layer (colour layer) on the upper side, which still show the natural texture of the skin material and are generally considered to be very expensive and valuable leather. Due to the lack of pigmentation, aniline leathers have a soft and warm feel. It is mostly used in furniture leather, pocket leather, shoe leather or clothing leather.

Semi-aniline leathers are leathers which receive only a slight pigmentation (colour layer). With semi-aniline leather, the natural grain pattern and hair pores must not be covered by the pigmentation, but only slightly protected. The natural grain must be completely preserved and must not be sanded. Semi-aniline leathers are usually also soft and warm. The leather is mainly used for premium cars, furniture, partly also in aviation.

Corrected Grain leathers are embossed and abraded leathers are often first sanded on the grain side in preparation for embossing in order to obtain a uniform surface. A binder-based colour is then applied and an even grain is embossed. If they are only slightly sanded, the leather can still feel soft and warm. These leathers are mainly used in the automotive and aviation industries.

When choosing the right material for your aviation projects, leather quality plays an important role. However, leather must not only be of high quality, it must also be allowed to fly. And that depends a mainly on the certified fire resistance.

August 2019

Insights AeroVisto

aerovisto-insights Our partner tannery is a fully integrated tannery. From the raw material to the finished product, everything is produced under one roof.

This ensures that innovations can be quickly and safely transferred from the laboratory to the market. The monitoring of the process and the quality plays an important role. In addition, every hide is traceable from the farmer to the aircraft.

Sustainability makes the difference, not only in the finished product, but also in the type of production. There is almost no waste in the factory. In addition to leather, gelatine and cellulose, which are indispensable for the production of sausage skins, cosmetics and tasty fruit gums, are also obtained from the raw material.

All the remaining waste is incinerated in a biogas system and returned to production as thermal energy. Process safety, traceability, quality and sustainability are our top priorities. Our passion is to look at the end product in its entirety.

Insight makes you clever....more of it very soon

August 2019

Insights AeroVisto


Leather is a very special and millennia-old material, grown on animals. Each cow and bull has its own history, which can be read on the skin. Leather is actually a waste product from meat production. Through complex processes it becomes a valuable and sustainable lifestyle product, which cannot be replaced by any other material of smell, properties and touch&feel.

We at AeroVisto exclusively use South German raw materials from Simmenthaler white-brown cows and bulls. Large hides, no burn marks and no fat bulges guarantee a maximum use of the skin compared to South American and North European hides. Short distances in the supply chain protect the environment and guarantee optimal products. The traceability of the finished leather hide back to its origin is seamless and ensures quality through the entire process.

Insight makes you clever....more of it very soon

Juli 2019

Introduction of our senior client advisor– Florian Krauthoff

aerovisto-insights Florian has joined the AeroVisto team in 2019 and is responsible for sales and marketing of AeroVisto’s products and solutions to our customers.

Through his background in the aerospace industry he has gained profound expertise in explaining technical products and consulting clients on complex system-solutions. Having worked with European, Chinese and American clients for more than ten years, Florian is an expert in international sales and cross-cultural communication. Florian has been working in aviation in various positions worldwide since 2009. He spent almost four years at world’s largest aerospace MRO, responsible for shareholder relations and business development.

Also he worked as Director Sales responsible for marketing and sales for a leading MRO company in Europe. We look forward to working for you!

We look forward to working for you!

Juli 2019

Introduction of our new customer service support – Yvonne Tschol

aerovisto-insights Yvonne has many years of international experience in dealing with customers. Her focus is always costumer orientation and providing supreme service. Together with Florian they represent an experienced and highly motivated team – always ready to go the extra mile. We look forward to working for you!

We look forward to working for you!

Juli 2019

aerovisto-insights Stahl Stay Clean Lifetime+ Leather Innovation by AeroVisto - Applied on a Business Jet Divan - the Perfect Choice for Owner and Operator - Staining Problems belong to the past.

März 2019

Best-in-Class Technology for a perfect flight experience!

AeroVisto is proud to work with Stahl as its exclusive technology partner. This partnership covers the entire trim manufacturing chain. It enables us to offer Stahl´s automotive Best-in-Class technologies, tailored to the specific needs of our client base in the aviation space.

November 2018

AeroVisto tapping Asia

aerovisto-insights Our technology partner Stahl, world market leader in surface treatment and coating solutions for flexible materials, has opened a Center of Excellence for Performance Coatings in Suzhou, China.

AeroVisto is proud to be part of this journey, as we belief that strong partnerships are the key to unlock value and open-up endless possibilities.

September 2018

Quality that lasts, customized to your needs

aerovisto-insights Stahl is your partner when it comes to interior trim solutions and surface treatments. With our extensive knowledge of materials, their application and a leading technology portfolio, we can provide in every need.

We collaborate with manufacturers in the aviation interior supply chains and partner with FAA and EASA approved organizations. Concerning regulatory requirements, our sustainable flame retardant portfolio and FST coating solutions (flame, smoke, toxicity) for aircraft leather seat covers, synthetic soft-good materials, textiles and non-woven products have a proven track record in the aviation sector and comply with FAR/CS 25.853 requirements.

But seeing is believing, so we encourage you to try AeroVisto or contact Stahl for further materials-related inquiries.

August 2018

AeroVisto AeroCare Products

aerovisto-insights Our AeroVisto AeroCare Portfolio serves you with the needed clean and care portfolio for your VIP interior.

Because the right after care treatments will guarantee long term luxurious appearance:


August 2018

Value-add for fleet operators and end-consumers

aerovisto-insights Leather seat covers and synthetic soft-good materials, Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ is the solution you can rely on. Make every flight a perfect experience, with this technology, consisting of two elements serving your needs from your purchase of an interior refurb program to its end-of-life:

• Stahl Stay Clean® technology used in the manufacturing process of your interior trim product, protecting the surface with best-in-class technology against dirt pick-up and stains. •

Stahl Stay Clean® technology used in the formulation of related AeroCare products, tailor-made to clean, protect and restore the protective shield of your interior trims.

With the use of these two unique products in combination, interiors gain unrivaled quality retention that benefits fleet operators as well as end-users, providing materials with the highest quality look and feel, enhanced maintainability and longevity. This way, every flight has that special, pristine first-time feeling.