Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+

From the moment of take-off, you want to immerse yourself in an environment where pale colored interiors exude comfort and pristine beauty. Materials that offer a perfectly pleasant untouched look & feel, immaculate and unspoiled by any previous use, emulating the perfection of the sky and clouds outside your window. This is what is expected from aviation interiors, a flight experience that feels like it is the very first, every time.

The aviation industry faces the challenge of elevating the customer experience while reducing operating cost. This brings new challenges to the aviation interior supply chains, for which we developed our Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ concept. Whether used for leather or synthetics, Stahl Stay Clean® guarantees exceptional aesthetics, a perfect touch, luxurious atmosphere and enhanced product lifetime by adding a protective film protecting surfaces and preventing from staining. Our solutions improve design quality of surface trim materials, making cabin cleaning and maintenance more efficient.

Value-add for fleet operators and end-consumers

Leather seat covers and synthetic soft-good materials, Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ is the solution you can rely on. Make every flight a perfect experience, with this technology, consisting of two elements serving your needs from your purchase of an interior refurb program to its end-of-life:

  • Stahl Stay Clean® technology used in the manufacturing process of your interior trim product, protecting the surface with best-in-class technology against dirt pick-up and stains.
  • Stahl Stay Clean® technology used in the formulation of related AeroCare products, tailor-made to clean, protect and restore the protective shield of your interior trims.

With the use of these two unique products in combination, interiors gain unrivaled quality retention that benefits fleet operators as well as end-users, providing materials with the highest quality look and feel, enhanced maintainability and longevity. This way, every flight has that special, pristine first-time feeling.

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