If it can be imagined, it can be created

Stahl is the world market leader in surface treatment and coating solutions for flexible materials with exceptional quality and performance for the automotive industry. We have decades of experience in creating solutions for the production, protection and retention of design quality and longevity of interior trim solutions. With lines between industries blurring, we believe our innovative product offering can help elevate the interior trim materials in aviation to the next level too.

Best-in-class automotive technology
While Stahl is a trusted development partner for automotive OEMs and its related interior materials supply chain partners across the globe, we also prove to be successful in leveraging our best-in-class technology portfolio into new niche market segments. We understand the importance of tailored solutions and service levels adapted to the specific industry needs. Our innovative technology portfolio enables OEM, customers and partners to develop interior trim solutions with an enhanced look and feel, which are more functional and durable, yet with a more environmental-conscious footprint.



Providing solutions for enhanced design quality
When it comes to the quest of airlines to balance operating cost with elevation of the passenger experience, we understand the challenges and opportunities the aviation interior materials supply chain faces. This is why we built on our strong heritage in automotive surface technology and developed Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+, an innovative product lifetime concept that offers superior design quality of surfaces combined with enhanced maintainability and product longevity, improving the total cost of ownership. Surfaces treated with Stahl Stay Clean® are protected from dirt and staining, yet also easy to clean. Particularly suitable for pale colored surfaces, both leather and synthetics, a luxurious appearance is guaranteed.



Quality that lasts, customized to your needs
Stahl is your partner when it comes to interior trim solutions and surface treatments. With our extensive knowledge of materials, their application and a leading technology portfolio, we can provide in every need. We collaborate with manufacturers in the aviation interior supply chains and partner with FAA and EASA approved organizations. Concerning regulatory requirements, our sustainable flame retardant portfolio and FST coating solutions (flame, smoke, toxicity) for aircraft leather seat covers, synthetic soft-good materials, textiles and non-woven products have a proven track record in the aviation sector and comply with FAR/CS 25.853 requirements.

But seeing is believing, so we encourage you to try AeroVisto or contact Stahl for further materials-related inquiries.

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